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Moke EV Jacksonville Florida

Hey, Barbie Girls!

Life’s fantastic in a Pink Moke. Show off your Barbiecore style this summer with our open-air, cute little cruiser in two shades of pink. The Moke is an easy-breezy ride, perfect for driving summer’s hottest trend. And for all, you Kens out there, the Moke is for you, too.

We put the fun in local driving with our electric technology and rainbow bright colors. And we’re street-legal on all roads at 35 MPH or less. Plug and go; a full charge lasts 40 miles. Drive to your Malibu or Hamptons DreamHouse, movie premiere, the lake, beach, farmer’s market, brunch, music festival and more.

Did you know you can fully customize your electric Moke in 12 colors (+camo), with different colored roll bars, grills, bumpers, rims and seats? The combinations are endless for a unique Moke you can truly call your own. We also have several special editions, including our exclusive 007 version

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